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A whishlist site with voting possibility


What I am considering here is a whishlist site for application or machine upgrades.

Like this:
You are using an application, or machine, which is missing a feature.  You can of course write to the makers of the application but that feels like your voice isn’t heard.  Why not instead start a thread on a site known for serving users and manufacturers with good I-want-this-application-to-do-that information.

It already exists at but that site concentrates on selling to the application developer and is not user centred.  It is up to the manufacturer to start a forum and pay for it.  I am looking for something faster and simpler.  A natural place for users to write and manufacturers to read.

Dimmer light on sailing navigator


Every marine GPS navigator I have used since they dropped below the 5000€ tag has had too bright night light.

I set the latest chart plotter I used, a Garmin 4010,to faintest light and it was still far too bright.  Don’t marine chart plotter manufacturers use their own products?

Visualise layer or connection


Wouldn’t it be good to easily see which layer you are working in in your IDE?  When working in a multi layer environment one often has a class named Customer in every layer which makes for some document switching before finding the right one.  Add an icon in a corner or a slightly tinted background.

When working with multiple databases at once in a query tool it is often a hassle to keep the windows of the different databases apart.  Often one has two servers QA and Production with identical (or similar) database names.  It is very important to not update the wrong one.
Couldn’t one have a slightly tinted background that shows where one is?

Quiet vacuum cleaner


There is no need for vacuum cleaners to be as noisy as they are.  It is probably both easier to design and create a noisy vacuum cleaner that a quiet one.  But there is no law of nature stating that a vacuum cleaner has to sound more than a 100kW car.

Safe Server Side Scripting – SSSS


There is a safe way to write client side script; Javascript in the web browswer.

But there is no way to do it on the server.

There are free hosting sites but no one I am aware of allows upload of server side scripts.
Wouldn’t it be nice to allow for The Kids to do simple interactive sites?

Allow for a (script) language, a database and let the server handle resources and CPU so noone can’t clog the machine.

Update: Google has something like it with Google apps script

Hello world!


Testing source code:

class ReflectionUtility

 public static string GetPropertyName<T, TReturn>(Expression<Func<T, TReturn>> expression)
 MemberExpression body = (MemberExpression)expression.Body;
 return body.Member.Name;

 public static string GetMethodName<T, TReturn>(Expression<Func<T, TReturn>> expression)
 var body = expression.Body as UnaryExpression;
 var operand = body.Operand as MethodCallExpression;
 var argument = operand.Arguments[2] as ConstantExpression;
 var methodInfo = argument.Value as System.Reflection.MethodInfo;

 return methodInfo.Name;